VTX S.A.F.E™ Suspension
& Laser setup
Next Generation Line Array
System Solutions.
JBL’s patented S.A.F.E suspension system is streamlined for speed and efficiency with improved hardware for faster setup with fewer pinning operations and greater security. A custom-designed protective cover and dolly makes transport easy and the suspension process fast, efficient and safe. Vertical Transporters are also available allowing for transport of four V25 enclosures or three S28 enclosures in either front-firing or
cardioid mode.

All suspension hardware is integrated into the enclosure and strategically-positioned for fast and secure operation. Front flip hinges and captive rear hinge bars utilizing a unique Angle Stop Mechanism (ASM) allow for efficient assembly that is not only secure, but anti-rattle. Also included is provision for mounting a Laser Sighting Module accessory for greater ease and precision in array focus and system tuning.

Laser Accurate Setup.
Precise VTX V25 vertical pattern control requires precise focus for optimum audience coverage and the LZ laser accessory provides a cost-effective installation tool to help streamline the setup process. Typically a single LZ is installed on the top enclosure to serve as a visual reference while setting the overall array site angle in accordance with JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC) predictions. For advanced system tuning, multiple LZ lasers can be deployed to serve as site angle references for individual array circuits, assisting in physical measurement microphone placement to correspond with virtual measurement microphones shown in LAC.