Image Control Waveguide
Unprecedented Detail, Vivid Imaging, 
and a Room-Friendly Broad Sweet Spot
The unique geometry of this waveguide delivers remarkable high frequency detail, imaging, and natural balance at nearly any listening position in a broad range of acoustic environments. Since design of this complexity and level of detail is an iterative process, JBL performs Finite Element Analysis, creating virtual simulations of off-axis response, pattern control, and the blend of the high frequency driver and woofer.

Impressive Imaging and Sound Stage, Exceptional High Frequency Detail, Uniform Directivity for Smooth In-Room Response, Patent Pending Design
Increased High Frequency detail
The Image Control Waveguide was developed for JBL's new flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor and with the introduction of the JBL 3 Series, is now available for the first time in an affordable, compact reference monitor. Its patent-pending design precisely controls the sound emanating from the speaker in the vertical and horizontal planes ensuring the representation of your mix is neutral and accurate at the listening position.