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HLA Series

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A Technological Breakthrough in
High-Powered Tour Sound

The HLA Series tour sound loudspeakers provide innovation and performance breakthroughs in every key design area. The HLA system consists of the main three-way cabinet, the HLA-4895, and the matching HLA-4897A subwoofer. In the HLA Series, every detail of a tour sound loudspeaker system has been carefully rethought and re-engineered to maximize output and control while reducing weight, truck space and setup time. But most importantly, the HLA Series cabinets sound great!

Both the HLA 4895 3-way cabinet and the HLA 4897A subwoofer feature:

  • SpaceFrame™ Ideal Array Element Design — Trapezoidal SpaceFrame "cabinets" are constructed of welded aluminum tubing to reduce weight and simplify rigging.
  • Intrinsic Rigging System — Channels that accept the hardware used to fly the HLA series cabinets are built into the cabinets themselves.
  • System Control — HLA-Series systems use JBL's DSC280 Digital Controller for cross-over and internal time alignment.

Full Bandwidth Three-Way High-Power
Controlled-Directivity Loudspeaker System

Key Features:

  • High Technology Transducers — Differential Drive, Direct Cooled™, cone transducers for very low weight and high output with very low power compression. In addition to being 1/3 the weight of conventional transducers, the transducers are also more efficient so a system typically requires fewer amplifiers to achieve the same output levels.
  • Positionable Waveguide — The HLA-4895 includes a positionable Waveguide assembly that tilts within the SpaceFrame allowing quick setup to achieve precise coverage of any venue without tilting the cabinets themselves.
  • MultiBand Waveguide — Optimized Aperture™ Design provides wideband, controlled coverage with very low distortion.

HLA-Series Sub-woofer

Key Features:

  • High Power Transducers — Dual 800 W Differential Drive™ Transducers provide high output with low distortion and minimum power compression.
  • Integral Composite / SpaceFrame Design — Composite enclosure structurally mounted in a trapezoidal aluminum SpaceFrame reduces enclosure losses for greater output, lowers weight. This cabinet is built to the same dimensions as the HLA-4895 full-range cabinet, allowing subwoofers and full-range elements to easily be used anywhere in an array.
  • Linear Dynamics Aperture Vent Design — Virtually eliminates vent compression resulting in higher output, extended bandwidth and lower distortion.

HLA Systems Design Details

JBL's continuing commitment to innovation and providing audio professionals the highest technology is demonstrated by the HLA System. Instead of simply repackaging an existing system design, JBL engineers took a different approach. Each element of tour sound systems was analyzed to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by today's tour sound companies and performers. The result is a system that provides high power, high directivity, low distortion, low weight and great sound.

Both the 4895 full bandwidth cabinet and the 4897A subwoofer replace the traditional wooden enclosure with a trapezoidal aluminum SpaceFrame to reduce weight. When flying the HLA cabinets, the SpaceFrame distributes the weight throughout the entire cabinet rather than concentrating stress at mounting points. The 4895 full-range system features a positionable Waveguide assembly that tilts within the SpaceFrame. This makes it possible achieve precise coverage while maintaing a clean, straight hang that simplifies setup while helping to improve sightlines.

Finally, two new drivers were developed for the system:

  • The 4895 full bandwidth box features the Differential Drive Direct Cooled™, cone transducer. This unit utilizes a neodynum magnet structure and unique dual coil design to provide very high output with very low power compression and distortion at 1/3 the weight of a comparable conventional transducer.
  • The 4897A sub-woofer, uses JBL's Differential Drive™ 2258H transducers with a 800 Watt AES power rating (each transducer) — one of the reasons why the 4897A has 3 dB more output over its full bandwidth, and up to 6 dB more full power output below 50 Hz than competitive high power subwoofers.

This combination of innovative design and breakthrough technology adds to a system that simply must be seen and heard to be believed!

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All rights reserved.