D4400 Ti
Titanium Driver


D4400 Ti
Selenium's Flagship Driver. This 2" exit compression driver offers high sensitivity, low distortion and a smooth extended frequency response, which is virtually linear to 20,000 Hz. Taking advantage of natures strengths, this driver is based on the ultra-light, yet structurally strong characteristics of titanium, and the combined efficiency of a copper-clad, aluminum flat-wire voice coil, all resulting in top performance and quality for the pinnacle in sound reinforcement applications. Other features lending to the D4400TI’s superior performance and power handling capacity are ferrofluid loading, the use of high temperature adhesives and a Kapton former. Precisely engineered diaphragm structure and alignment mechanism allows for easy, reliable and cost effective replacement. Recommended for use with HL14-50 horn.

Mounting Type 4-Bolt
Exit Diameter 2"
Diaphragm Material Titanium
Impedance (ohms) 8
Power Handling (RMS) 125 Watts