Keith Shocklee / Public Enemy, The Bomb Squad
As a founding member of Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad, Keith Shocklee has been defining and defying musical genres for over 30 years. “The future is the past! We’re taking new music to the streets in New York… it’s how we did it before Public Enemy and it’s happening again today - very organic and powerful.” Keith and his mobile DJ’s, Power5, trust their JBL PRX600 speakers to deliver devastating grooves night after night. And when he’s carving tracks in the studio, Keith relies on his JBL LSR4300 Studio Monitors. “We record on JBL LSR4300 monitors and when we perform live our JBL PRX’s sound identical, just ten times louder. JBL is the bomb!”

Keith Shocklee on JBL
LSR4300 Studio Monitors