Nathaniel Kunkel
Nathaniel Kunkel’s Studio Without Walls is as much an approach to making records, as it is the actual physical studio. “I move around all the time and I take my studio with me. More often than not I find myself working in smaller, irregular rooms, such as a guest house, office, or hotel room. When I am working in a smaller room like that, the first thing that gets sacrificed is the monitoring environment – and there is almost always some kind of low frequency problem. The LSRs allow me to know exactly what is going on with the bottom end, and create mixes that translate impeccably outside of the studio. The RMC system makes a tremendous difference. I’ve been working on the JBLs exclusively and I’m really, really happy with them.”

CLIP 1: Nathaniel Kunkel Discusses Studio Without Walls

CLIP 2: Monitoring on the Move

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Relies on JBL

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Correction Technology

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Successful Projects

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