LONDON & LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 10, 2000 — Following the tradition of innovative JBL products such as Cabaret ®, Concert Series™, and EON® , JBL Professional has developed the EVO™ Intelligent Sound Reinforcement System. EVO is a complete, ready to use sound system with automatic digital control over room equalization, feedback suppression, delay settings and amplifier dynamics. An ideal audio system for churches, schools, performing arts centers, civic meeting sites and other small to medium size installations, the EVO System can be installed and tuned in a matter of hours. The complete EVO Sound System includes intelligent powered speakers, mixer, wireless and wired microphones, system controller, and all necessary cables and stands.

The core of the EVO system is the EVOi.324 Intelligent Speaker. EachEVOi.324 speaker includes two JBL 355mm (14inch) speakers for low and mid frequencies and a newly designed integrated horn for high frequencies. A new built-in electronics module on the back of the speaker includes one 100watt and two 600 watt digital power amplifiers together with system electronics for a wide range of control and customization. Based on a principle of distributed intelligence, up to four EVOi.324 speakers can be networked from a single EVOi.net Speaker System Controller. This controller continuously communicates with the EVO speakers via the same XLR cables that transmit the audio signal. This allows EVOi.net to setup the speakers for room equalization, room and temperature conditions, delay tome between speakers, even intelligent feedback control.

EVO is a breakthrough, total sound reinforcement system from JBL. With its onboard electronics, EVO combines set and forget ease of installation and set-up with the audio quality and precision of a finely tuned professional sound installation," explained Michael MacDonald, President of JBL Professional " This concept has been in development for over two years, combining the expertise of JBL with other Harman International companies such as BSS, Lexicon, Soundcraft and AKG. We set a goal of building the first intelligent sound system and we feel EVO is just that."

The EVOi.sys Sound System includes every-thing needed for a completely new sound system, including: two EVOi.324 intelligent powered speakers; the EVO Mixer with16 input channels, Lexicon reverb, built-in wireless receivers and EVOi.net system controller; two wireless and six conventional microphones with stands; JBL measurement microphone for tuning the system; and all cables and instructions necessary for installation.

In addition to the complete system, EVOi.324 speakers may be purchased separately. Up to four may be networked from one EVOi.net single rack space system controller.

The JBL first generation speakers were the components developed in the 1960s that became a staple of musical performance and live audio sound. In the late 1970s, the successful Cabaret line was the company’s first foray into professional enclosures with the JBL brand name. JBL introduced the concept of the complete sound system package with the Concert Series in the mid 1980s. In 1995, JBL added integrated power to the equation with the first generation of EON speakers. EON Speaker Systems, with power amplifiers and signal processing on board with many other innovations, have sold over 300,000 units since 1995. Now, in 2000, EVO adds intelligent digital electronics and a total integrated system approach to the JBL Pro family of loudspeakers and sound system solutions.

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