ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 8, 2001 - The JBL Professional Control 24 has become the industry standard for clear sound, ease of installation and overall quality in the ceiling speaker market. The new Control 24C Micro and Control 24CT Micro speakers offer the same benefits in a smaller, more affordable loudspeaker.

"The Control 24C/CT Micro speakers offer a viable, cost-effective step up from commodity grade ceiling speakers," explained Rick Kamlet, Director of Commercial Sound for JBL Professional. "Its low profile backcan allows the Control 24C/CT Micro to fit in areas with shallow clearance. And like Control 24 and Control 26, these new Micros allow for very quick installations."

The Control 24 C/CT Micro's very wide coverage angle area of up to 150degrees allows fewer Control 24 C/CT Micro speakers to be used. The Control 24C Micro and Control 24CT Micro speakers are designed with versatility in mind. Here are a few of the applications:

• Installations requiring clear, smooth mid-range for paging or background music.
• Challenging achitectural environments where extremely wide coverage is needed because the number of speakers must be minimized.
• For filling in shadow areas, odd corners or sections of a room in a high level, wide bandwidth system.
• Control 24C/CT Micro speakers are an excellent mid/high companion for a subwoofer, when applications require extended range audio.
• Can be used as satellite speakers with the new SMS1-SUB on-wall Powered Subwoofer (which can power up to four Control 24C Micro speakers.)

The Control 24C Micro has a US suggested list price of $70. The 70/100 Volt transformer model Control 24CT Micro has a US suggested list price of $75. Both models are available April, 2001.

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