At AES 2011 HARMAN’S JBL Showcases LSR Series Studio Monitors For High-Resolution Reference Monitoring In Any Production Room

The JBL LSR4300 Series Studio Monitor with RMC.
The JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller with RMC.
NEW YORK, New York — At AES 2011, HARMAN’s JBL Professional is showcasing its full line of LSR Series studio monitors, along with the MSC1 Monitor System Controller, designed to provide greater accuracy, even in acousticallychallenged mobile broadcast and project studio control rooms. JBL’s LSR studio monitors include the flagship LSR6300 Series, the revolutionary LSR4300 Series and the affordable LSR2300 Series studio monitors, plus the MSC1 Monitor System Controller, which tunes any speakers for greater accuracy in
problematic rooms.

Depending on the acoustics of the production space and the working distance from the speakers, up to 50 percent of the sound heard in a production room can be reflected sound. JBL LSR Linear Spatial Reference design ensures not just the direct sound from the speaker, but also the speaker’s off-axis reflected sound, is neutral for greater accuracy at the mix position in a broad range of acoustic environments.

A second technology, JBL RMC™ addresses the low frequency problems in production control rooms. Variations in low frequency response caused by room modes and speaker placement can produce exaggerated bass response that can mislead audio engineers. JBL’s RMC™ Room Mode Correction technology compensates for low frequency irregularities with a system that measures the room’s low frequency response and applies corrective filters. All three JBL studio monitor lines offer an RMC solution. While the JBL LSR4300 series and two LSR6300 series models include RMC technology in the speaker, JBL’s MSC1 Monitor System Controller with RMC technology can be used with the affordable LSR2300 series studio monitors or any speaker system.

Top mixers and facilities worldwide select JBL LSR Series studio monitors for their detailed sonic presentation and impressive output. Utilizing over 65 years of R&D, JBL meticulously designs transducers and system components to give each model industry-leading performance and best-in-class accuracy. Coupling high performance with a wide range of model sizes and price-points, JBL has a studio monitor to meet all requirements or any facility. Learn more at

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