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Tilting the Balance

Here is what the Pros are saying about HLA Series...


"We became the first European company to go with HLA. I must say that we are very pleased with our decision. In a business like sound reinforcement, it really is like a contract for life and it is essential that you have full support from the supplier - which is what we have from JBL. The system worked out really well: it sounds more like a large studio monitor than a PA speaker, save on amplifiers due to its 16 ohm drivers and it stacks 2-high on a trolley to easily fit into a truck. What more can you want?"
- Patrick Demoustier, Technical Director, EML.

"Down here in New Zealand, we love these speakers. We compete with companies using Turbosound Flashlight & Floodlight, EAW KF850, EV X-Array, Martin Wavefront, and Nexo...we seem to clean up every time with HLA. Our turnover has doubled since we bought these things and best of all, we get to use the best-sounding, easiest-to-rig, most indestructible, loud, clean, distortion-free, flat, headroom-preserving P.A. in the known universe, every day of the week, 365 days a year..."
- Chris Tate, College Hill Productions, Auckland, New Zealand

" colleagues here are extremely awestruck by the sound of the JBL HLA's in this setting. It's by far the best sound we have ever achieved here and the general consensus is that it blows away last year's Turbosound rig."
- Michael Story, Owner, Story Sound, TV Golden Stage Pop Festival, Romania, quote courtesy of SPL Magazine, U.K.

"...We looked at every rental company's proposals...but it was primarily EML's investment in HLA that influenced me to give them the contract. It's the best system I've heard in a long, long time."
- Chris Hey, Production Manager, INXS, quote courtesy of SPL Magazine, U.K. (read about EML)

"...We are using only eight HLA subs per side, but they are delivering the same SPL and quality as the last time I worked at Wembley with a total of 28 Meyer 650 subs. It's loud, but there's absolutely no distortion at all..."
- Stuart Kerrison, soundmixer, INXS, quote courtesy of SPL Magazine, U.K. Read about the 4897A subs.

"...The high-scale vocal harmonies, percussion detail, and horn section riffs are like trademarks for this band…it all has to come through, all over the venue...this system is doing the job, it is extremely powerful. It's clear, punchy and has an amazing amount of bass. The XXXX Audio guys have been real smooth to work with…everything's there, this rig looks and sounds clean, they are definitely on top of it!"
- Mike Brown, soundmixer, Earth Wind & Fire (read about XXXX Audio Systems)

"I was pretty amazed we could get an open-air venue like Texas Motor Speedway to sound that good...[HLA] made a difference in the clarity, projection and intelligibility of the music shows. And, this HLA system has to be one of the simplest, safest hanging rigs around...the connecting and lifting-bar system is quite easy for the stagehands to work with."
- Mark Cockriel, Owner, On Cue Systems, quote courtesy of Pro Sound News

"...We have a rich heritage here regarding a quest for excellence in live sound. This year's sound is undoubtedly the best we've ever had. We've literally received nothing but compliments about the JBL HLA sound system's excellent quality and coverage..."
- David Baskin, Festival Chairman, Philadelphia Folk Festival (Philadelphia Sound Productions)

"...This JBL [HLA] system really puts out...there is plenty of dynamic headroom and the coverage is pretty smooth."
- Bob Wood, soundmixer, Tim McGraw (Iowa State Fair). Read about the 4895.

"...we have lots of experience with Martin's still great for rock and roll, but this [HLA] system can do a symphony orchestra too...everybody is happy, even the productions who were used to working other companies, they say it's alright...[HLA] has really made the riggers happy, they love it!"
- Xavier Dheys, System Engineer,
EML, quote courtesy of Live! Magazine, U.K.