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EASE v4.1 is an acoustic simulation software program designed for the Windows operating system that provides sound system designers an invaluable tool for predicting the performance of a sound system in a given venue. The software program is primarily geared toward large-room acoustics (churches, stadiums, arenas, theaters, etc.) and with additions to v4.1 offers valuable tools for smaller environments such as Privacy indexes for office spaces, etc.
It includes numerous acoustical design and analysis tools for Contractors, Engineers and Acoustical Consultants, and with the new Vision module offers greatly improved visual rendering capabilities with the ability to add light sources and import surfaces, making it very desirable for the Architectural world. All features of EASE 4.1 are available as a block, or as partial options. As before, licensing is effected by means of a License Key; however, contrary to the procedure known from version 3.0, this can be obtained directly via the Internet immediately after installation of the program. Program updates can be downloaded directly from the Internet, as well.

Special features of EASE 4.1 for Windows:
• Enhanced user-friendly windows for menus and working surfaces allow direct access to the various program modules and program parameters

• Ample Speaker Data format of 5 Degrees and 1/3-Octave resolution, higher resolutions of up to 1 Degree and 1/24-Octave bandwidth can be stored in DLLs and used for calculations

• Introduction of complex Speaker Data including magnitude and phase, direct reading of measured impulse responses in all common measuring-file formats (TEF20, MLSSA, WAVE, MF)

• Provision of Speaker-DLLs for Line-Arrays

• Cluster calculation modules for speaker assemblies for far-field applications, DLLs for near-field and far-field calculations

• Data format of wall materials expanded to include diffusion coefficient

• Improved and simplified entering of room data, no limitation of model components, newly developed DXF import from AutoCAD 3D volume models, and entering of textures.

• Simplified Room Modeling thanks to new Tools like expanded Extrude function and Object definition for partial models

• Room Visualization by high-definition rendering technique and with textures

• New Hide Option as 3D Rendering by means of lighting appliances

• New room-acoustical calculating module AURA based on CAESAR (University of Aachen) offers new and expanded tools and indexes not available in v3.0

• 2D and 3D Mapping of all room-acoustical measures according to ISO 3382 with due application of the expanded Wall Material data base (absorption and diffusion)

• New Ray-Tracing options in AURA, like Echogram and AURA-Response

• Better visualization of impulse response computations

• New Predicted Tail computation for obtaining a complete impulse response

• Expanded features of off-line and online (real time) Auralization in EARS

• Real time auralization remains possible without additional hardware and in dual channel operation

• Storage capacity limited only by the actual hardware layout EASE 4.1 for Windows is totally compatible with EASE 3.0 and is capable of reading all EASE loudspeaker and project data files and of converting them into the new format. Current EASE 3.0 users will be able to upgrade to version 4.1 for a nominal upgrade charge. A Pentium-III-Processor with 1000 Hz or more is recommended as a minimum not only for meeting the requirements of auralisation. EASE is supplied on CD-ROM and requires at least 128 MB of RAM plus 150 MB of available hard disk space (without database, which requires 100 MB additionally).
Like Version 3.0, EASE 4.1 is a 32-bit program capable of functioning with the operating systems Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. Windows 95 can no longer be recommended, since it requires special adjustments and Service Packages. All features of EASE 3.0 were included in the new version.

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