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Smaart Pro Specification Sheet
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The Next Standard in Software-Based Sound System Optimization and Acoustical Analysis

Introduction to SIA-Smaart Pro

The original JBL-Smaart (for Windows 3.1x) was developed to provide sound system contractors, acoustical consultants and audio professionals with a practical, accurate, cost-effective and easy-to-use sound system optimization and acoustical analysis tool. SIA-Smaart Pro takes advantage of the 32-bit processing power in Windows 95 and NT 4.0 operating systems to provide even more speed, power, and flexibility.

SIA-Smaart Pro represents an extensive update to the JBL-Smaart (1.x) feature set. The product of an intensive development effort and experience gained from more than a year and a half of widespread use in the field, SIA-Smaart-Pro moves acoustic measurement and sound system optimization tools to a new level — to help you achieve new levels of sound system performance and client satisfaction.

What's New in this Release?

The SIA-Smaart Pro Real-Time Module

The SIA-Smaart Pro Real-Time Module's Transfer Function and Phase plots clearly display both frequency response and timing characteristics of a system. The Fixed-Point per Octave option makes acoustic measurements easy to interpret.

Like the original, the SIA-Smaart-Pro Real-Time Module offers the features of a standard FFT-based real-time spectrum analyzer enhanced by real-time Transfer Function capability — an extremely powerful tool for assessing the performance of an entire sound system, a specific part of a system, or a single system component.

The SIA-Smaart Pro Real-Time Module provides a number of important new capabilities including:

Fixed-Point Per Octave Resolution Transfer Function
Makes acoustic measurements more stable and easier to read with equal frequency resolution across the audio spectrum.

Automatic Delay Location
Makes measuring delay times for distributed systems, and setting up the program's internal delay for signal alignment in transfer function measurements easier than ever before.

Phase Display
Enables you to explore timing characteristics of a system for different frequencies in detail.

MIDI Control Interface
Provides control of external equalizers and other devices directly from the SIA-Smaart Pro Real-Time module.

More Reference Registers
Allow you to store results of up to 40 different measurements without swapping to files. Additionally, the Real-Time module now stores the contents of all registers when you exit the program normally.

System Presets
Help to "automate" repetitive tasks by changing a number of measurement parameters with a single command.

Reference Trace Averaging
Multiple measurements can now be averaged together and displayed as a single trace.

NC and STC Ratings
Automatically calculates industry-standard ratings for noise levels and sound transmission.

The SIA-Smaart-Pro Analysis Module

The SIA-Smaart Pro Analysis Module allows you to open two wave files simultaneously and compare both time- and frequency-domain characteristics of the recorded signals a number of different ways.

The SIA-Smaart Pro Analysis Module allows disk-based analysis of results measured in the Real-Time Module's Delay Locator or audio data stored in any standard Windows wave file. In addition to all the time- and frequency-domain displays found in JBL-Smaart version 1.x, the new capabilities in the SIA-Smaart Pro Analysis Module include:

Comparison of Two Wave Files
This feature allows you to explore the similarities and differences between two recorded signals in great detail.

Recording Controls
Standard wave files can now be recorded directly from within the Analysis Module.

More Flexible Time and Frequency Scale and Range Controls
Make it easier to see what interests you the most in any Analysis Module display.

Live Displays
The Analysis module can now generate live Spectrograph and Time Displays for a system and signal analysis using audio data taken directly from the computer's sound inputs.

Wave File Save
Provide the ability to store any section of a time domain file as a separate wave file, allowing separate analysis.

User-configurable Rainbow display
Allows you to view decays for three user-selected octave bands simultaneously in Time Slice mode.

General Features (Both Modules)

Native 32-bit Processing
Takes advantage of the speed and power of Windows 95 and NT 4.0 operating systems.

ASCII Output
Virtually every type of data SIA-Smaart Pro displays can be exported in numeric form to standard ASCII text files for use with external applications.

User-Configurable Color Schemes
Allow you to use graph colors that make the most sense to you and are easiest to read for both display and printing purposes.

Hardware/System Requirements

Recommended System Configuration Minimum System Configuration
  • Microsoft® Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 (or later)
  • 90 MHz or faster Intel® Pentium® or compatible microprocessor
  • 16 - 24 Mb system RAM
  • 800 x 600 x 256-color Super VGA display
  • Windows MCI-compliant sound hardware w/ stereo line level input(s), 16-bit resolution, selectable sampling rates from 5512 to 44.1k
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95 or Windows NT 4.0 (or later)
  • 66 MHz (or faster) Intel i486® or compatible microprocessor
  • 16 Mb system RAM
  • 640 x 480 x 16-color VGA display
  • Windows MCI-compliant sound hardware w/ stereo line level input(s), 16-bit resolution, 44.1k sampling rate

How to Order

The SIA-Smaart Pro package includes both the Real-Time and Analysis program modules and is shipping now. The suggested retail price for the Standard version (for new users) is $595.00 (USD). A special Upgrade package is also available for registered users of JBL-Smaart version 2.x at the suggested retail price of $99.00 (USD). Both the Standard and Upgrade packages are available from your local JBL Professional dealer* or can be purchased directly from JBL Professional (in the USA) by calling (818) 894-8850. For more information and a demonstration, contact your JBL Professional representative.

Note: A demo for SIA-Smaart Pro is currently being developed and will be posted on this site as soon as it becomes available. If you would like to find out more about SIA-Smaart, click here to download the multimedia demonstration for version 1.0 (1.18Mb).

* Click here to find your local representative or distributor.

What the Pro's are saying about SIA-Smaart Pro

"SIA-Smaart Pro; portable, powerful and progressive. I never leave home without it!"
— Don Pearson, Ultra Sound

"SIA-Smaart Pro improves on an already powerful product. The fixed-point per octave resolution helps me interpret data more quickly. We use SIA-Smaart Pro as a key tool to help us evaluate, document and optimize critical listening spaces."
— John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group

"We use SIA-Smaart Pro to help us optimize sound systems for arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters. The new features make the system even more powerful. With SIA-Smaart Pro we can spend more time focused on our systems and less time focused on our measurement tools.
— Jack Wrightson, WJHW

"SIA-Smaart Pro completes my measurement package. For optimizing large concert sound systems, it is my tool of choice."
— Alexander Yuill-Thornton II, "Thorny", Solstice Company

"I have become addicted to using SIA- Smaart as a result of its proven accuracy and simplicity of use. I am even more excited by the new features in SIA-Smaart Pro! This product has more than paid for itself!"
— Craig Janssen, Acoustic Dimensions

"SIA-Smaart Pro is a required product for any serious sound company entering the 21st century."
— J. Walter Mosetter, Philadelphia Sound Productions

Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions:
Click here to download the FAQ for SIA-Smaart and SIA-Smaart Pro. This document is stored in Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) and can be opened in Windows Write, WordPad, or virtually any word processor application.

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