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"So, JBL has PD162, PD128 and PD125 systems that allow low frequency pattern control octaves below what was previously possible. That's really cool, but ... how do I apply that to my jobs?"

We are very pleased to announce the JBL PD100 Calculator! The PD100 Calculator is a sophisticated Engineering tool, allowing system designers to determine which PD100 cabinet is right for their application, how many to use, how to configure them, what DSP setting to set for each driver, and what the resulting coverage will be at any frequency (or band of frequencies) throughout the device's operational range!

JBL's PD100 CALCULATOR plots steered low frequency coverage polars for various configurations of the JBL PD162, PD125 and PD128 Low Frequency FSA™ Forward Steered Arrays™.

The program computes the DSP delay settings for steering the primary coverage lobe to the desired down-angle, and allowing system designers to experiment with settings and see the end results.

Precomputed delay settings can be manually Foreshortening and expanding, allowing adjustment of the vertical coverage beamwidth.

The program computes SPL of the array at various distances and allows the designer to look at the coverage polars at any selected frequency, with user-selectable degrees of resolution.

See README.TXT for the location of operational instructions.

Download PD Calculator, v1.02