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High Output Dual 18"
Subwoofer Array Module

PD128 Spec Sheet

High Resolution Zip File

The PD128 Precision Directivity™ loudspeaker is a high power subwoofer module designed for use in arrays and in conjunction with other PD series systems to construct fullrange systems.

A key advantage of FSA systems is the ability to project a single welldefined energy “lobe” into the audience area. The combination of even response in the seating area and high off-axis attenuation substantially increases the quality of low-frequency reproduction by maximizing the ratio of direct-to-reverberant sound.

Each transducer is mounted in a separate vented subchamber. For outdoor applications, several levels of weather resistance are available. Please contact your sales representative or JBL for further information.

Key Features:

  • FSA™ Forward Steered Array enclosure configuration for optimum acoustic performance in arrays of three or more modules
  • Up to 12 dB of rear rejection at 60 Hz and 90° of beam steering
    capability in typical six module array
  • Usable LF reinforcement to 26 Hz
  • 2242H 18" SVG (Super Vented Gap™) Transducers
  • Available suspension trusscomponents make array building simple
    and cost effective