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SR-X/F Flying Versions

When your application requires flying or suspension of the speaker system, choose the "F" versions of SR-X. Most SR-X models (except subwoofers and the stage monitor) are available in flying versions. SR-X/F models are a great choice for portable use by A/V rental companies or fixed installation in clubs and institutions. SR-X/F delivers concert proven JBL sound combined with a safe, easy-to-use rigging system, all wrapped up in a roadable package.

In addition to all the features of SR-X, the flyable versions (designated SR47__X/F) include:

  • (6) ATM Flyware™ "L-Track" flying points (2 on the top, 2 on the bottom and 2 on the rear).

  • Flying points accommodate standard "Fly-Clip" hardware for fast, easy attachment and detachment of rigging.

  • The SR4725, 26, 31, 32, 33 and 35X/F models use 6-position L-Track on the top and the bottom points plus 3-position L-Track on the rear points to allow for easy rigging for the desired down-angle.

  • The SR4722X/F uses the shorter 3-position L-Track for all six points.

  • For suspension in fixed installations, the flying points also accept 10 mm forged shoulder eye-bolts.

  • Nominal 60 x 50 high frequency horns for the SR4726X/F, SR4731X/F and SR4733X/F.

Another good source for SR-X rigging fittings is:

Stan Miller
Sound Manufacturing Inc.
P.O. Box 1907
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1907
Tel: (909) 878-9104
Fax: (909) 878-4248

The SMI part number for the fitting that will mate with SR-X/F enclosures is SM-61B (double indexing, locking, swivel ring L fitting).

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ATM Flyware is a trademark of ATM Inc. Suspension of speakers requires professional expertise. Misuse of these products may result in serious injury.