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The SR-X Series boasts massive amounts of true JBL technology, quality and substance.
Indicator Networks
"Dual-mode" crossovers:  The solution for total system flexibility can be easily switched from full-range to bi-amplified operation. A tamper resistant, internal mode selector provides a visible, external indication of the selected mode. Advanced Technology Dividing Networks:  SR-X Series speakers are designed to maintain maximum sensitivity. So your amplifier's power gets to the speakers instead of going to waste heating up crossover components.

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VGC™ (Vented Gap Cooling): JBL's unique low-frequency transducers control heat build-up to increase power handling and decrease power compression, providing more acoustic output for every watt of amplifier input. 13-ply Birch Cabinets:   All SR-X enclosures are constructed of 13-ply void-free baltic birch. The result is a solid enclosure free from resonances…What you hear is the speaker system, not the box.

Titanium Optimized Aperture Horns
Pure Titanium Diaphragm Compression Drivers:  Used in all two- and three-way models for high power handling and reliability. Optimized Aperture™ Horns:  Driver exit and throat flare integrate seamlessly to minimize midband throat distortion and smooth frequency response, even at the highest SPL's.

duraflex.jpg (4872 bytes) !8 Gauge Metal Grill
DuraFlex™ Finish: All SR-X Series enclosures are finished in JBL's tough DuraFlex™ finish, which shrugs off the inevitable scuffs and dings. 18 Gauge Perforated Metal Grill:  A non-resonant, full-length grill provides protection for the components and a rich yet unobtrusive appearance.