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"For musicians, DJs, clubs and institutions who demand the best portable speaker systems made..." Introducing the new SR-X Series of loudspeakers from JBL

The new SR-X Series was designed for these most discerning users, with 11 models that embody the superior engineering, unsurpassed tour sound performance, legendary reliability and value inherent in the JBL name. Start with the SR-X's advanced DuraFlex™ finish. Add their all-new networks. Top them off with the same components found in 9 out of 10 speaker systems on the road with today's top touring acts*. All wrapped up in a speaker whose lineage is connected by a solid line of leadership more than half a century long.

While each SR-X speaker has a personality all its own, the line as a whole delivers a remarkable range of options. In fact, the SR-X line is the most complete line of high performance portable speakers available today, with a model for virtually every application. Whether your needs call for SR-X subwoofers, SR-X front-of-house systems or SR-X stage monitors, you can be assured of owning a speaker that represents a new standard; a standard that will satisfy even the toughest of critics.

In short, you can be assured that the new JBL SR-X systems are more than just the most prestigious speakers in their class…

* Based on "Top 10" survey of box office results conducted by Amusement Business Weekly. Includes JBL systems, proprietary systems using JBL components, manufactured systems using JBL components.

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