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Frequently Asked Questions

JBL Professional Specific:

Can I suspend TR / MR / SR Series enclosures? TR / MR / SR Series cabinets were NOT designed for fixed installations that require the cabinet to be suspended. The enclosures are NOT reinforced and lack suspension points for fixed installations. Suspending these cabinets represents a serious safety hazard. As an alternative, consider the Sound Power, Marquis or Array Series. These systems have properly designed suspension points installed and are reinforced.

Does positive voltage to the black or red terminal give outward cone / diaphragm motion? In most cases, the black terminal is considered to be the positive terminal. Listed below are drivers with black positive terminals (positive voltage to black terminal gives outward cone/diaphragm motion):

1400PRO 2105H 2118H/J 2123H 2202H 2206H 2220H
2225H 2226H 2235H 2240H 2241H 2245H 2404H
2405H 2426H/J 2427H/J 2430H 2435HPL 2445H/J 2446H/J
2447H/J 2450H/J 2451H/J 2485H/J 2490H/J E-Series G125
G135 LE8T-H 2119H 2416H-1   2417H 2418H  2420H 
2421B 2430H          

As of a few years ago, JBL Professional began manufacturing transducers with the IEC standard of positive to red. Listed below are some drivers with red positive terminals (positive voltage to red terminal gives outward cone/diaphragm motion):

2025H 2035H 2242H M121-8 M151-8 2012H 2020H
2227H 2406H          

When in doubt, consult the specification sheet for the model in question.

Will JBL give a system recommendation for a specific venue? JBL can only provide general system design concepts and comment on existing ideas. We can, however, refer you to a reputable sound engineer or contractor who can design a system for you.

What are the differences between the old SR Series and SR Series II?

  • Improved crossover networks
  • Stronger corners and handles
  • Two upgraded components: the 2417H 1-inch compression driver, and 2119H 8-inch midrange
  • 2446H 2-inch compression drivers have been changed to 1.5-inch 2447H for increased high frequency output and lower throat distortion
  • Network modifications to convert an old version to a new version are readily available.
  • Updated networks incorporate Neutrik Speakon connectors as well as inch input jacks.

Where can I get "loop-through" power cables for my EON Powered Series speakers? EON powered speakers use a standard IEC male connector for AC power. A female connector is provided for looping AC power through to another EON speaker. JBL Customer Service sells male and female cable-end IEC connectors that can be installed on standard 3 conductor electrical power cable. The parts numbers are CP22S (the female connector) and CP22R (the male connector). Only those with the skill and knowledge to fabricate safe, reliable electric power cables should install these connectors.

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