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Control Contractor Subwoofers
Application Guide: Subwoofer-Satellite Systems Using SB2 & SB210 Subwoofers
Check out our Technical Library for related information.

Control SB210
Dual 10"Indoor/Outdoor Compact Subwoofer

Control SB210 Spec Sheet
Control SB210 Optional Input Modules
Eyebolt Applications for SB210 Subwoofer
MTC-210UB U-Bracket Drawing
Directional Subwoofer Array Using SB210 Subwoofers

The Control SB210 provides low frequency reinforcement for a wide variety of applications. Its compact size, high output and outdoor capable design makes it one of the most versatile subwoofers in the installation market.
  • 2 x 250 mm (10 in.) Aluminum/Ceramic Composite Cone Drivers
  • 42 Hz to 200 Hz frequency range (-10 dB)
  • 400 watts continuous pink noise power capacity (IEC-shaped pink noise for 100 hours)
  • 95 dB sensitivity (1W/1m) in half-space
    8 ohms nominal impedance
  • IEC 529 IP-X5 rating. Exceeds MilSpec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature & UV
  • AV Shielded
  • SonicGuard™ Overload Protection
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 355 mm x 590 mm x 570 mm (14 in x 23.3 in x 25.5 in)
  • Net Weight: 17.1 kg (38 lbs.)

Control SB-2
10 inch, Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer
  • CCS6000 Complete System – 4 pcs Control 23 and 1 pc Control SB-2 form a complete full-range subwoofer/satellite system.
sb-2.jpg (4216 bytes)
The SB-2 slot-loading vented bypass subwoofer is specifically tuned to compliment all full-range Control Contractor Series systems. This subwoofer features a unique concept in passive attenuation called the Load Baffle, a special geometric combination of rigid and pliable materials. The SB-2 has stereo inputs and high-passed satellite outputs.
  • 38 Hz to 160 Hz frequency range (-10 dB)
  • 340 watts continuous program power capacity
  • 100 dB sensitivity (1W/1m)
  • 8 ohms nominal impedance per channel
  • Dual-slope 80 Hz and 160 Hz low-pass crossover to woofer
  • 160 Hz high-pass crossover to satellite outputs
  • Vinyl-covered particle board enclosure
  • Spring-loaded input terminals
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):  394 mm x 585 mm x 343 mm (15.5 in x 23 in x 13.5 in)
  • Net Weight:  19.1 kg (42 lb)

  • MTC-PC2 (34 kB): Installation instructions for the water-tight
    input panel cover (Control SB-210).
  • MTC-SB2C (53 kB): Installation instructions for the Control SB-2
    suspension bracket.
  • MTC-SB2W (44 kB): Installation instructions for the Control SB-2
    wall/corner mount bracket.
  • SB210 Optional Input Modules -- Optional modules are available to allow the Control SB210 to be used in a wide variety of applications. MTC-SB210-SAT adds passive crossover with satellite outputs. MTC-SB210T adds 70V/100V input transformers for use on a distributed speaker line. MTC-SB210T-SAT adds both capabilities.
  • Eyebolt application for Control SB-210
  • MTC-210UB DrawingDownloadable file showing drawing, with dimensions, of U-Bracket designed for use with Control SB210.
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