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Horn Mounting Brackets -- 2500 Series

The 2500 Series Professional Mounting Brackets are designed to facilitate easy installations and quick adjustability in a variety of applications.  Each model is manufactured of rugged steel and finished in black matte.  Only the 2510 mounting bracket is designed for suspension applications.

2502 Wall Mount Bracket

2502 Specification Sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 235kb)

  • Designed for 8330 and 8340 surround speakers
  • 10 gauge steel construction
  • Up to 15 down tilt
  • Includes 3/8" x 3" lag bolts, flat washers and lock washers

2502.jpg (6417 bytes)

2503 Wall Mount Bracket

2503 Specification Sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 253kb)

  • Designed for 8330 and 8340 systems.
  • 10 gauge steel construction
  • Unique slide adjust feature allows it to be used with 4655 in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Includes 3/8" x 2" lag bolts, flat washers and lock washers

2503.jpg (5951 bytes)

2506B Adjustable-Position Bracket

2506B Specification Sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 184kb)

  • Designed for 2360A and 2365A Constant Coverage Bi-Radial Horns
  • 10 gauge steel construction
  • Continuously adjustable tilt, up to 45
  • Includes SAE Grade 5 hardware for driver attachment and bracket installation

2506b.jpg (5304 bytes)

2509A Adjustable-Position Bracket

2509A Specification Sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 123kb)

  • Designed for 2350 and 2380 Series horns with respective compression drivers
  • 10 gauge steel construction
  • Multiple slots allow for flexible horn aiming
  • Includes SAE Grade 5 hardware for driver attachment and bracket installation

2509a.jpg (5992 bytes)

2510 Suspension Bracket

2510 Specification Sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 59kb)

  • Designed for the 2350 and 2390 Series horn with respective drivers
  • Provides multiple "pick-up points" to aid in horn/driver suspension
  • 10 gauge steel construction
  • 3.75" slot allows a degree of front-to-back alignment

2510.jpg (6163 bytes)

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