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2360A, 2365A, 2366A Horns

2360A, 2365A, 2366A
Specification Sheet

(Adobe Acrobat, 1.16Mb)

2360A, 2365A, 2366A Flat-Front Bi-Radial® Constant Coverage Horns

Key Features:

  • Uniform on and off axis frequency response
  • Full horn loading to 350 Hz
  • Precise horizontal and vertical pattern control
  • Uncolored sound quality
  • 49 mm (2 in.) throat entry

JBL Bi-Radial® horns* are designed to provide uniform on and off axis frequency response from below 500 Hz to beyond 16 kHz. The horn's unique geometry and relatively tall vertical mouth dimension ensure precise vertical, as well as horizontal, beamwidth control throughout the rated frequency band. Since both horizontal and vertical coverage patterns remain essentially constant, horn performance may be easily predicted for any given frequency or orientation. Cluster design, therefore, is simplified and the need for horn overlapping is minimized. Typical cluster performance problems such as lobing and comb filter effects are virtually eliminated.

Computer aided design techniques were used to derive the horn contours in the horizontal and vertical planes. Utilizing sidewall contours based on a polynomial power series formula, the patented horn design yields smooth response, low distortion, and even coverage. This design avoids the problems normally associated with horns that feature sharp flare transitions and flat sidewalls. The Bi-Radial® compound flare configuration of the horn provides constant coverage over defined, solid angles.

Three horn models are available with nominal coverage angles of 90° x 40,° 60° x 40,° and 40° x 20° ( 6 dB, Horizontal x Vertical). All three feature 795 mm (31 5/6 in) square mouth dimensions to further simplify cluster design. In addition, the 90° x 40° and 60° x 40° horns are identical in length.

Each Bi-Radial® constant coverage horn is supplied with a cast aluminum throat that will accept JBL 2446, 2450, or 2485 50 mm (2 in) throat diameter compression drivers. 25 mm (1 in) throat diameter drivers may be mounted if a proper horn throat adapter is installed. Mounting tabs are provided on all four sides of the supplied horn throat and are located just behind the combined horn/driver center of gravity.

To ensure freedom from resonances, light weight, and superior structural strength, the horn bell is constructed of heavy duty, 7.5 mm (5/l6 in) thick, fiberglass reinforced plastic. Mounting holes are provided on the top wall of the bell to facilitate three-point hanging.

*U. S. Patent No 4,308,932 Foreign patents pending

HORN MODEL: 2360A 2365A 2366A
Throw: Short Medium Long
Angle Degrees ( -6 dB): 90° (+5°,-20 ) 60° (+10°,10°) 50° (+20,° -10°)
Average Range: 500 Hz - 16kHz 500 Hz - 16kHz 1000Hz - 16kHz
Angle Degrees (- 6 dB): 50° (+20,° -22°) 40° ( +18°, 13°) 277° (+8°,-7°)
Directivity Index (D1): 11.5dB (+3,-3dB) 16dB (+6,-3.4dB) 14.5dB (+15-1.5dB)
Directivity Factor (Q): 14 ( +14, -7) 16 ( + 6,-3.4) 28 ( + 12,-8)
Average Range: 500Hz- 16 kHz 500Hz- 16 kHz 1000Hz- 16 kHz
Usable Low Frequency Limit: 300 Hz 300 Hz 200 Hz
(using 2427, 2445, 2450): 500 Hz 500 Hz 500 Hz
(using 2485): 350 Hz 350 Hz 300 Hz
Axial Pressure Sensitivity: Measured on axis in the far field with 1 watt input (4.0 volts RMS, 16 ohms) and referenced to 1 meter distance using the inverse square law. Listed sound pressures represent an average from 630 Hz to 4 kHz using the model 2445 or 2427 driver 1 Watt /1 Meter    
Axial Sensitivity: 113 dB SPL 115 dB SPL 118 dB SPL
Horn Bell: Molded reinforced urethane resin
Horn Throat: Aluminum, sand cast (nominal 75 mm [5/l6 in] wall thickness)
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: (with throat attached)      
Mouth Height: 795 mm (31 5/,6 in) 795 mm (31 5/,6 in) 795 mm (31 5/,6 in)
Mouth Width: 795 mm (31 5/,6 in) 795 mm (31 5/,6 in) 795 mm (31 5/,6 in)
Length: 815 mm (32 7/64 in) 815 mm (32 7/64 in) 1390 mm(54 45/64 in)
Net Weight: 12.2 kg. (27 lb) 11.3 kg (25 lb) 16.3 kg (36 lb)
Shipping Weight Horn: (Horn and horn throat are packed in one carton) 26 kg (57.4 lb) 11.3 kg (25 lb) 16.3 kg (36 lb)
Shipping Weight Throat: (Horn and horn throat are packed in one carton) 4 kg (8.8 lb) 2.6 kg (5.8 lb) 3 kg (6.8 lb)


JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. New materials, production methods, and design refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy. For this reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.

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