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Auto EQ
The EVOi.324 standard factory settings is for an optimized smooth power response. Auto-EQ compensates for modifications created by the effects of the room. Each EVOi.324 generates its own MLS (see below) test signal and measures its own response when initiated by the user/installer. Through the use of FFT (see below), the combined EVOi.324 and room response is derived. The resulting measurement is then compared to the internal target response and adjusted to match.

(Maximum Length Sequence)
A measurement signal, sounding similar to noise, that allows for efficient calculation of the response of the EVOi.324 and its acoustical environment. An MLS consists of a sequence of pseudo-random numbers that are sent as audio to the EVOi.324 output. The DSP then calculates the frequency response of the system in the room based on the measured input from the microphone. The key advantages of MLS measurements include very good noise immunity and fast measurement time.

FFT - Fast Fourier Transform
A mathematical technique for efficiently calculating frequency response of sampled time signals. Developed by Cooley and Tukey during the 1960s. 

Delay Set
For larger venues, extra sound reinforcement may be required for the back rows of the audience area. The audio signal to the auxiliary EVOi.324s needs to be delayed to avoid an echo effect and to maintain maximum intelligibility. Delay Set does this automatically. It also adds an additional Haas delay to keep the sonic image focused on the stage. 

Anti Feedback Control
Feedback is the howling and screaming of a sound reinforcement system. Feedback occurs when part of the sound radiated by the speaker, is picked up by the microphone, amplified and fed back into the speaker. The microphone picks it up again and very quickly runs in circles, the system starts howling. Anti Feedback Control automatically detects the beginning of this process and stops it before it runs away.

EVO has two anti feedback engines. One “rings out the room” ahead of time for fixed microphone positions (Fixed). The second works in real time (Live) and constantly monitors the performance and makes adjustments if a microphone is moved and feedback is initiated. The action of the Anti Feedback Control is deliberate, yet will not effect the transient quality of the performance.

(Bi-directional Data-over Audio Transceiver)
Using Frequency Shift Keying, data are communicated over the audio connections at frequencies much higher than those audible to the human ear. EVO can be networked without the need for computer cabling. 

Filtered Array Technology (FAT™)
Each of the Low Frequency transducers is independently controlled for magnitude and phase response, resulting in smoother power response and constant coverage.

Enhanced Total Thermal Management System (ETTMS™)
EVO Exclusive!
Heat is the enemy of speakers. As the components get hot they behave differently. The ETTMS maintains a balanced thermal environment and adapts to changes in performance demands. The ETTMS is a combination of the following core elements:

EVO Exclusive!
1. Thermal Modeling -Utilizing the DSP, the temperature of the transducers is modeled for both frequency response and level, completely compensating for power compression, maintaining tonal balance during extreme use.

EVO Exclusive!
2. Driver Thermal Protection - Aware of its own voice coil temperatures, transducer overdrive is prevented. The long term power is limited through a very slow Automatic Gain Control (AGC) linked to a maximum allowable voice coil temperature level. The dynamic performance is unaffected as peak signals still get through.

3. Thermomaster®. Woofer motor, basket and baffle vents are all linked via the same thermal transfer path for maximum heat dissipation. Taking heat away from the voice coil effectively reduces power compression. The harder the system works the better it cools.

EVO Exclusive!
4. EVO HF System - The 2430 is thermally coupled to the aluminum waveguide via a ‘Silpad Gasket’ for optimum thermal transfer.

EVO Exclusive!
5. Thermal Windows - The entire baffle area acts as an open thermal window through which heat is designed to escape. The aluminum amp enclosure acts as a Thermal Window to the rear.

Differential Drive®
Patented Dual coil Dual gap Differential Drive® transducers, 1/5th the weight of conventional Ferrite transducers with twice the power handling.

2430 Large Format Compression Driver 
Patent applied for. Features a 1.5”exit and 100 watt 3” voice coil. A revolutionary Differential Drive® motor structure results in an extremely compact and lightweight HF transducer, weighing only 2.5 lbs.

D-Class Amplifier
A digital amplifier that is extremely efficient. The energy from the power supply is rapidly switched into the loudspeaker (transducer). The audio signal is created as modulated pulses many times faster than the highest audio frequency. Because energy only flows when needed, losses are substantially reduced as compared to an equivalent sized conventional amplifier. With this type of efficiency, little heat is dissipated.

Switch Mode Power Supply
A digital power supply that does not require a large, heavy toroidal transformer. It is compact, lightweight and highly efficient. This low loss technology utilizes digital modulation to regulate the power supply output.

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)
Thermal set composite compound with ultra high wall stiffness which results in a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It is compliant to complex mold shapes, accommodating unique industrial designs.