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EVOi.sys The Fully Designed System
Each EVOi.sys contains:
  • 2 x EVOi.324 speakers
  • 1 x EVOi.net, with measurement microphone
  • 1 x 16 channel mixer, with Lexicon reverb
  • 2 x UHF wireless microphone systems
  • 6 x Dynamic supercardioid microphones
  • 1 x Integrated rack
  • 4 x Microphone stands
  • 3 x 100ft (30.5m) XLR signal cables
  • 6 x 50ft (15.25m) XLR signal cables
  • 4 x 2ft (0.6m) XLR signal cables
  • 1 x Dust Cover

With less equipment to install, there's a better chance of getting it right. With EVO, all the necessary components are integrated into single enclosures.


There's no need to find space for a large industrial rack and there are no looms of wire. The EVOi.324s are installed with standard hardware, and the hook-up is limited to only two major connections from the EVOi.net.

Easy to Set Up

As with the "point and shoot" technology found in many of today's products, EVO combines ease of use with reliable and consistent results. It's as easy as:

1. Positioning the JBL measurement microphone
2. Connecting it to EVOi.net and,
3. Pushing the Auto EQ button initiating the EVO set-up routine.

A few minutes later, EVO has adapted to its acoustic environment ensuring maximum performance. The settings can then be locked-in ensuring that the sonic performance won't change. Until now, this type of acoustic adaptation and optimization has only been possible through state-of-the-art computers running specialized measurement software.

Straightforward to Operate

With EVO, the operator can choose whether the system is optimized for a speech program, live or recorded music or a room that is full or empty. With the push of a button, the operator can make the choice of whether the assistance of Anti-Feedback Control is needed.


EVO will let the operator know that everything is working and totally optimized for each venue and performance.

EVOi.sys Specification Sheet
EVOi.sys Manual (PDF)