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EVOi.net The System Controller
EVOi.net, in a standard 19" rack mount configuration, is supplied with a dedicated JBL measurement microphone and 100 ft (30.5m) XLR signal cable, which is all that is needed to access the total functionality of EVOi.324. What's more, EVOi.net fully accesses the intelligence of the EVOi.324 loudspeaker.

Standard XLR signal cabling is used to hook-up the EVOi.324 speakers to EVOi.net. Apart from the XLR signal cable, no other cables are required. The BiDAT™ (Bi-directional Data-over-Audio Transceiver) communication system ensures that instructions are sent and messages received.

Attaching the measurement microphone and pressing the Auto-EQ button initializes the Set-Up sequence. A short time later the entire system is set to its specific acoustic environment. Similarly, pressing the Delay Set button enables each EVOi.324 to set its delay in accordance with other EVOi.324s in the system to ensure maximum intelligibility.

Once set up, the operator can then adjust the whole system, whether optimizing it for speech intelligibility, live or pre-recorded music. The operator can monitor the status of each EVOi.324 as it reports its condition. If desired, the Anti Feedback Control can be initiated utilizing either or both of the anti feedback engines for fixed and live set-ups.


With balanced stereo inputs and outputs accommodating up to four EVOi.324's, multiple system configurations are possible. Each pair of outputs can be mono summed. So, from the simplest one loudspeaker system to a more complex system requiring stereo main loudspeakers and stereo delay speakers, EVOi.net provides the flexibility you need.

For future EVO expansion and control, a RS232 port is located on the front panel and RJ45 connectors on the rear.


EVOi.net Specification Sheet (PDF)
EVOi.net Manual (PDF)