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Electro-Acoustic Design

EVOi.324 is a Filtered Array Technology™ (FAT) design with three discrete pass bands that provide a constant 80 X 80 degree, horizontal and vertical coverage pattern.


Each 14", LF and LF/Mid Differential Drive® carbon fiber cone transducer is driven by its own 600 watt D-Class (digital) amplifier. The 2430 Differential Drive® large format compression driver (coupled to an all aluminum waveguide) is powered by a 100-watt linear amplifier. A switch mode power supply delivers the voltage necessary to drive 1300 watts of power amplification.


Synchronized on-board Digital Signal Processing (DSP) controls the speaker system parameters, crossovers, parametric EQs, limiting and FAT tapering functions.

Intelligent Design

EVO's "brain" is found in the EVOi.324. All the transducer controls and complex computational system functions take place on the digital electronics circuit board within the aluminum housing.


Modeling the temperature of its own voice coils, a feature of the Enhanced Total Thermal Management System (ETTMS), EVOi.324 adapts its response and maintains its tonal balance, no matter how hard it is being driven.


Adapting to its acoustic environment by generating its own test sequence, EVOi.324 sets its own Auto-EQ and Delay Set parameters. With Anti Feedback Control, it discriminates between feedback and program music. EVOi.324 also sends out messages reporting its status.*


These functions are accessible through the use of EVOi.net.

Mechanical Design

EVOi.324's design has been dedicated to applications requiring a permanent sound reinforcement solution. For a 1300 watt Intelligent Powered System, it weighs only 65lbs (29.5kg) and stands barely 42"(1.07m) tall. 


The rear enclosure, fabricated from Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), is in the form of a 2nd order geometric design, for inherent strength, acoustic architecture and transparent aesthetics. Integrated transducer baffle design and Inertia Grounding Straps lock all the components together, maximizing acoustic output. 


The technique of Thermal Windowing through the use of Thermomaster® transducer design ensures maximum heat dissipation from the transducer elements. It looks like cloth, but it is an anti-resonant SMC-reinforced expanded steel grill, with an enhanced high frequency spreading effect.


The standard JBL eyebolt system provides a ceiling attachment. Wall and floor mounting systems are easily attached when required.

EVOi.324 Specification Sheet
EVOi.324 Owners Manual (PDF)