NANO K Series


The NANO K Series are powered monitors developed by JBL Professional for professional studio, music class or home recording monitoring. Six models are available - K3 (3-inch) and K4 (4-inch) monitor pairs, K5 (5-inch), K6 (6-inch) and K8 (8-inch) standalone monitors, and KX Bluetooth receiver & controller. 

Mix of Proven Design and Technology
The NANO K Series integrates the design philosophy of JBL 4200 Series, the most loved studio monitors by professional musicians in the late 1980s, into its power monitors and carefully positions their tweeters and woofers so that low, mid and high frequencies reach the listener at the same instant and acoustic centres can be aligned. For high frequencies, the NANO K Series employs the Image Control Waveguide from the flagship M2 master reference monitors, bringing greater depth and subtle details to an even broader sweet spot. 

Five Monitors to Cover Different Monitoring Space
The five speaker models within the NANO K family are designed for different monitoring sizes, from home recording, music classes to professional studios, and can be used to monitor recordings and instruments. 

Both K3 and K4 are sold in pairs, with their left channel speaker feeding signal to the right. A Bluetooth modular is embedded in to the two models for wireless connection with smart audio devices. An integral M8 thread nut in the bottom is designed for quick mounting on a microphone pole, which are useful while handling keyboard monitoring. A 12° angle placement of the two models is possible thanks to their two-planed bottom. A 3.5 mm headphone jack connector is available on front panel of K3 and K4, for plug&play of monitor headphones. 

K5, K6 and K8 standalone monitors are individually powered and can be used to set up a mono, stereo and surround system. A vintage-style VU meter constantly indicates the input level even when the speaker is muted. 

Taking in consideration of certain users’ preference for headphone monitoring, each of the five models is engineered in concert with an AKG K Series reference headphone (K3 – K72, K4 – K141 MKII, K5 – AKG K240R, K6 – AKG K701, K8 – AKG K872). 

New Look to Present Legendary Sound
The five powered monitors step out of line for their contemporary design. Greyish brown cabinet. Bright-coloured cone surround on the front. Music-themed silhouette on the rear. In addition, each monitor speaker has its power switch and volume control front accessible for easy control. 

Behind all this, what stays unchanged in all the monitor speakers is the legendary JBL sound quality – exceptional definition, stunning imaging and low distortion. This is what you can once again expect from the JBL NANO K Series Powered Monitors.
    NANO K3
3" Full-range Powered Monitor Pair
Frequency Range
60 Hz - 20 kHz
4.5 kHz
Maximum SPL (@1m)
98 dB
    NANO K4
4" Full-range Powered Monitor Pair
Frequency Range
55 Hz - 20 kHz
3.5 kHz
Maximum SPL (@1m)
99 dB
    NANO K5
5" Full-range Powered Monitors
Frequency Range
42 Hz - 20 kHz
Amp 2.8 kHz
Maximum SPL (@1m)
109 dB
    NANO K6
6" Powered Monitor
Frequency Range
38 Hz - 20 kHz
Amp 3.2 kHz
Maximum SPL (@1m)
110 dB
    NANO K8
8" Powered Monitor
Frequency Range
36 Hz - 20 kHz
Amp 2.3 kHz
Maximum SPL (@1m)
112 dB