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Frank Filipetti
The remarkable music mixing and production career of Frank Filipetti includes five GRAMMY® wins, projects with Korn, Kiss, Courtney Love, Elton John, Mariah Carey, James Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti and the recording of some of Broadway's biggest cast albums. Filipetti believes that certain elements must be in place for a successful project: "One: set up an environment so people feel comfortable. Two: make sure the listening environment, especially your speakers, are as good as you can get, so you don't second-guess what you're hearing." Frank takes his LSR Studio Monitors where ever he goes. In the interview Frank comments "I'm really stoked about the new LSR4300 Series. The technology is amazing."

CLIP 1: Frank Filipetti - Introduction

CLIP 2: Frank Filipetti in the Studio at Right Track Recording

CLIP 3: Frank Filipetti's
Current Projects

CLIP 4: Frank Filipetti on
The Importance of Using
Good Monitors

CLIP 5: Frank Filipetti: "I'm a Big Fan of JBL's LSR6300 Series"

CLIP 6: Frank Filipetti:
"I'm Excited About JBL's
LSR4300 Series"

CLIP 7: Frank Filipetti: What's Most Important

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